The development of sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, is followed by growth in industrial zones throughout the city. Such conditions demand local authorities to organize industrial activities by grouping them in specified areas so they can grow and benefit surrounding communities.

Pulogadung was the primary choice because of its strategic location and convenient access to transport and distribution to all parts of Jakarta. Before its development, Pulogadung was an unproductive 500-hectare area of land consisting mostly of swamps. Through the Jakarta Governor Decree number KDKI Ib.3 / 2/35/1969, the land was designated as Pulogadung Industrial Area.

As the first industrial estate in Indonesia, Pulogadung Industrial Area was initially managed through Project Industrial Estate Pulogadung, the property of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. In line with the rise of investment flow in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, the scope of the project grew more complex. To support the growing needs of industrial society, the government deemed it necessary to make adjustments both in its institutional and capital base.

On June 26 1973, PT.Persero Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (PT.JIEP) was established to replace Project Industrial Estate Pulogadung by notarial deed Abdul Latif No. 127 in 1973. As for the state capital participation in PT. JIEP, it is stipulated by Government Regulation No. 28 in 1973 and KDKI Jakarta Provincial Governor's letter numberD.V-a.3 / 2/36/73. To the present day, the composition of shareholders of PT. JIEP is 50% owned by the Republic of Indonesia and 50% by the Government of DKI Jakarta.

The company has encountered several amendments. The last change was amended by Deed of Meeting Outside Owned Company (Persero) PT. Jakarta Industrial Estate in Pulogadung or abbreviated PT. JIEP (Persero) No. 25 dated October 16, 2009, which was approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights based on the AHU-AH.01.10-21151 decree dated 24 November 2009, both of which were made before Siti Rayhana, SH as a replacement for BRAY Mahyastoeti Notonogero, SH, Notary in Jakarta.


To be an independent developer that offers environmentally sound value-added products that meet international standards in the field of integrated areas for industry, business, real estate, and logistics.


Provide infrastructure and business facilities that are high quality and internationally competitive for the industrial and business communities within the area managed by PT JIEP

Increase the value of the company on an on-going basis

Make sustainable improvements in processes and procedures as well as develop skills that support development

Synergize with state-owned enterprise and / or local government owned enterprise, both in the industrial area of business development, and in supporting the strengthening of the National Logistics System

Develop Pulogadung Industrial Estate as the central location for the growth of creative industries and increase its value as the central location for research and development of world-class companies

Build, improve quality, and integrate specific infrastructure to support KIP’s position in order to become the main distribution point for logistics and distribution

Provide optimal contribution to Indonesia’s regional and national economy

Corporate Core Values

Loyalty to the company’s goals and values, with active involvement and a willingness to work hard and take responsibility for the success and sustainability of the company


Able to consistently implement policies, rules, terms and agreements to uphold truth and justice in achieving the vision and mission of the company


Willing to create new ideas and implement new and better ways to solve problems, improve quality and open up business opportunities in order to increase the company’s value


Motivated and inspired to do work that meets the highest standards of expertise and competence

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