A product innovation from PT JIEP, the first developer and manager of the business district in Indonesia, born from Jakarta’s dynamic development. This requires the presence of products that can meet the needs of the business community in the capital. Grand JIEP BizHomes as a residential business concept in the industrial, financial, logistics, and distribution centre of Jakarta, close to Kelapa Gading, Pramuka Street and Klender. Some high-rise residential complexes in the nearby area include Green Pramuka Apartment, Basura City and Podomoro City.

Supported by easy access to transportation; Rawamangun and Pulogadung bus terminals, the Port of Tanjung Priok, Halim Airport, and Klender railway station, and access to the inner-city highways, Grand JIEP BizHomes is a business investment as well as a prospective residential area.

BizHomes comes with three types of design:

  1. Creative (for guest house)
  2. Dynamic (for small office)
  3. Innovative (to a distribution point)

Grand JIEP BizHomes is built on an area of 13.403 m2 and only 58 ready units are provided.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: +62-21-460-0305

Mobile: +62-812-222-4352


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