In applying the practices of good corporate governance, the management of PT JIEP has published Good Corporate Governance (GCG), which contains elements of the Code of Conduct (COC), and Board Manual signed by the Board of Directors and Commissioners of PT. JIEP. In the execution, PT. JIEP forms a team of GCG Directors by Decree No. 99 Year 2015 concerning the formation of GCG Team.

The GCG element request form can be downloaded below:

Code Of Conduct PT. JIEP

Good Corporate Governance PT. JIEP

Board Manual PT. JIEP


Whistle Blowing System (WBS)

In order to implement good corporate governance good (GCG) and to foster high integrity among officials and employees of PT JIEP, the Board of Directors Decision No. 89 of 2014 concerning the system to report alleged irregularities or violations (Whistle Blowing system) was issued.

WBS is a system used to collect, process, follow up with, as well as report on information submitted by complainants regarding allegations of fraud, law and ethics violations, and other irregularities that occur to optimize the role of employees and parties affiliated with PT JIEP, and business partners in revealing violations that occurred within PT JIEP.

A complainant may be personnel or a legal entity that either comes from the company's internal and external environments who conveys information about events or indications of violations through the channels provided by the company. The identity of the complainant is guaranteed confidential by the company and the company guarantees the protection of the complainants from all forms of threats, intimidation, punishment, or disagreeable actions of any party.

Reporting procedures: File a complaint / disclosure to the WBS manager via email:

SK Whistle Blowing System PT. JIEP

Mechanism Whistle Blowing System PT. JIEP

Gratuity Control Guidelines

In order to apply good corporate governance (GCG), PT. JIEP, in the implementation of the company's activities in general cannot be separated from the relationship and interaction between internal and external parties. With respect to the company's business activities, it is necessary to regulate matters related to gratuities (financial bonuses, donations or gifts of any kind given by one party to another) and to report procedures regarding gratuities within the enterprise. All of these are included in Directors Decree No. 88 of 2014 on guidelines for the control of gratuities.

The Decree of Gratuity Control Guidelines

Gratuity Control Mechanism

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